Our Other Special Competitions

Anything But. . .

The “Anything But” contest is held on Friday afternoon. “Anything But” is defined at the Blue Ridge Barbecue and Music Festival to include any MEAT other than any of the four KCBS judged categories to be held on Saturday.

To further explain:

  • Anything But” CHICKEN. Other poultry such as duck, Cornish hens acceptable.
  • Anything But” SPARE RIBS, LOIN BACK RIBS. Country style ribs are acceptable
  • Anything But” PORK SHOULDER, BOSTON BUTTS. Other parts of the pig OK.
  • Anything But” BEEF BRISKET. Any other part of cow is acceptable.

Seafood, turkey, wild game, alligator, frog legs, ostrich, etc., are allowed in this contest—just not “Anything But” as described above. Just let your culinary imagination go wild. Generally anything goes. No holds barred in the preparation of "Anything But." NO DESSERTS (desserts are in a separate competition—see last section of this page).

Anything But will be judged in either a 9” x 9” container or a half-pan.

Recipe may be marinated or injected, and this may be done before arrival. Recipe may be baked, broiled, barbecued, grilled, fried, etc. Recipe may include garnish. Garnish is anything that is not essential to the taste. Recipe may be served as a salad, stew, hors d’oeuvre, casserole, etc.

All cooking and preparation, with the exception of marinating, will be done on premise. All cooking to be done on generally accepted cookers and/or grills normally associated with the barbecue cook-off. Gas grills are allowed for “Anything But” only. Microwaves or ovens that are now often in RV’s or cook-wagons are not allowed.

Entrants must also be competing in the KCBS sanctioned portion of the Blue Ridge Barbecue contest. The cook-off is open to all ages. The “Anything But” entry must be the work of an individual team.

Judging will be on Friday afternoon using the “Blind Judging” technique and using a modified KCBS format. The entry will be submitted in a numbered container provided by contest organizer. A 9" x 9" standard box will be offered.

A judging team of 6 judges will judge entries. The lowest score will be dropped. Judging will be based on the following:

  • Appeal and Innovation - “You can’t wait to taste it
  • Taste of meat or recipe. Pleasing overall flavor, or contrast of flavors. Any sauce not too hot, sweet, or commanding. Can you taste the meat? The Taste score will be doubled.
  • Tenderness and Texture - Neither undercooked or overcooked. Not mushy; chewiness, juiciness, just right. Is it dry, moist or wet?

All Entries will be presumed average, a score of 5, and will judged above or below as the judge sees fit. The Entry will be judged from 1 to 9. There will be no decimals. A perfect score would be a total of 180. An average score would be 90. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be divided equally.

A Dessert Contest will be held Friday night. Any team entered in the Anything But contest may submit one entry in the Dessert Contest.


The “Dessert” contest is held Friday night. “Dessert” is defined at the Blue Ridge Barbecue Contest as a “desert’ normally served at the end of a meal or such normal ‘dessert’ occasion and recognized as a “dessert” by the most casual and inexperienced BBQ judge. If an entry is challenged, and we can’t imagine one, the final decision will be made by the Contest Reps.
The dessert may take any form that the teams wish to enter.
It may be hot
It may be cold
It may be sweet
It may be fruit
It may not be “store bought”
It only has to be a “dessert”

Dessert will be judged in any container of the teams choosing. The Contest will have for the teams a 9 x 9 box and a half-pan to use it the so chose. But again, the container is of the teams choosing.

Any of the preparation, cooking or the like may be done by the cook team ahead of the contest and brought to the contest with the teams. The dessert just can not be “store bought”.

Desserts will be judged by Appearance, Taste, and Originality. With the Taste score doubled. Any BBQ Team entered in the Blue Ridge BBQ contest can enter.

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